Post MA!

Well it’s starting to sink in that I have finished my MA. Although I had a backlog of paperwork to catch up on, never mind the housework, I have sat and cuddled my new grandson for hours, and watched a movie with my family without feeling that I should be studying! To those MAPPERS that are just starting out, or already in full flow, keep going – you will get there. But be prepared to make sacrifices like missing parties or family get togethers. Get your family on board – they can keep washing going, cook for you, give you a quiet space. My husband called it gate-keeping – he kept the family from disturbing me when I was studying, and brought me regular refreshment, and even told me to stop when it was past midnight and I was still buried in a pile of books! Another great help when I was struggling, was going for a drink or meal and simply discussing my MA. Often these chats would end up with me having an ah-ha! moment, clarifying a thought process or simply clearing my mind.


4 thoughts on “Post MA!

  1. Hi Cathie, I would have loved to have seen the skype feed of you all doing your final presentations, but I was in the middle of working – how wonderful you have now finished – all your hard work paid off. I hope we can keep in touch as I’m sure you will have some great advice on finishing this off!


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