PM Skype session 1st November

I really enjoyed the skype session last Sunday. As always I left feeling more connected to other MAPPERS, Adesola and Helen, and of course my own research. I did say I felt I was swimming through a pool of literature, and I can only liken it to doing a frantic front crawl, every now and then coming up for air! I had a slight feeling of agitated panic that there was so much literature out there, in books, articles and research, but none that said what I wanted it to say. Of course it didn’t – it comes from the perspectives of others, their story, their research. Only my writing will tell my story – and I need to find the confidence to trust that.
My data has led me to topics in education, mindfulness and somatics, and it is up to me to find links to my research question. Those links will come from my own thought and realisations, because my context and perception is unique to me.
Talking about my research also helps me come to realisations and understanding about the critical analysis section – it is like fireworks going off in my brain! As I talk, and discuss, bang! That’s it, of course! During one such conversation a couple of nights ago it dawned on me what my artefact needs to be. And I mean NEEDS!
As far as my work on Module 3 is concerned, I can now say that,as far as my literature review is concerned, I feel more like I am doing a gentle breast stroke, with my head out of the water, taking it all in at a pleasant pace. However, the pace has been slower than anticipated as while I have been writing this blog (from Belfast where I am on holiday) I have been pulled away from it to deal with a serious staff issue at work, a less serious time-tabling issue, and a phone call from my sons schools concerning bullying! Now I just need to find a way to have serious focus time – oh yes – switch my phone off! Dare I?


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