Starting Module 3!

I would just like to share my excitement with those who might get it!! I have made contact with the interviewees who are going to take part in my research. We are planning dates and times for the interviews to take place. This now feels very real! I am continuing to read up on other peoples research in similar subjects, which is opening up links and avenues which I think will all prove helpful for my literature review and analysis. If anyone can suggest any reading material on the topic of children studying classical ballet at amateur level (after school) and/or its relation to education/learning, I would love to hear it. Good luck everyone, whether you are just starting out on Module 1 or returning to Modules 2 or 3!


6 thoughts on “Starting Module 3!

  1. Hi Cathi!

    I’m with you! I have set my times and am beginning observations this week. Very exciting but also very nerve racking! What is your research on?
    I have some books that I can suggest, when I get home I will send them your way.



    1. Hi Ainsley
      My research is ‘An exploration into the secondary elements learned, if any, from studying classical ballet at an amateur level’. I am talking to professional people, who went to after school ballet lessons during their childhood and into their teens, and interested in learning whether any skills, emotional characteristics, or qualities have, in their opinion, transferred over to their professional life. My first interview is tomorrow, and I am well prepared – I think! What is your research on?


      1. Sounds very interesting! I know that I definitely learned many skills through my dance training that were not exactly dance related. I can’t wait to hear your findings. I am looking into the relationship between Ballet and Modern technique in training adolescents. How the 2 techniques could or do benefit or oppose each other, what concepts between the two are similar, how the students relay information between classes etc…
        Good luck!


      2. This sounds very interesting Ainsley, particularly as I teach modern dance as well as ballet – though not as much these days. I have handed the modern over to my daughter who is much fitter and more up-to-date than me! I am looking forward to your research findings. Good luck to you.


  2. Hello Cathie,

    I am the same; excited and anxious and some times ready and sometimes not. I will conduct my observations and interviews next week and are currently revising how to do it…. And are very nervous about them….. I will have a think about books and tell you if I find any:)

    Best of luck for the upcoming field work!



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