Planning my research project

It was great to get back in touch via skype on Sunday. Now I need to get back into ‘the zone’, after focusing on the beginning a new, and very busy, term at my school. I have been mulling over numerous ideas for my research project since starting Module one back in October, but, never having attempted anything like this before, I wasn’t sure if my ideas were suitable for this MA. I am very interested in researching whether, as dance teachers in local dance schools, we can provide a safe and creative environment for ALL children, regardless of body shape, physical facility, and rhythmic and memory cognition, to gain confidence and self-esteem, as well as enjoy, and gain skills in, varied forms of dance, specifically classical ballet. My concerns are, that against a background of curriculum, examinations, competitions and auditions, in a ‘world’ where aesthetics are paramount, that we are setting children up for disappointment, or the feeling of ‘never being quite good enough’.

After the skype on Sunday, I realised my ideas were relevant, and the discussion that followed opened up more angles that I could approach this subject from.  We discussed how I would have to challenge my own perceptions of what being a dancer means, as well as look at the perceptions of pupils and their parents. I could also look at how or if there has been a shift in values, and can dance be a more embodied experience in this environment?

I am now very excited to get going! I’m not really sure how to start though – probably do the tasks in the module handbook and order some books on how to plan a research project!


2 thoughts on “Planning my research project

  1. The bit that really resonates with me from your post is about challenging your own perceptions of what dance means, what being a dancer means and being a dance teacher. Perhaps this is one of the most important aspects of the whole MA for me in a way. That we have an identity in dance and that this can change and shift over time. I think the question of what constitutes positive experiences in dance for children is a great one as I also find myself questioning some of the differnt kninds of dance cultures out there.
    Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. Love this topic! It is also on my list of potential topics. I will be very interested to read your blogs and linkedin questions! Can’t wait 🙂


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