Confusion and frustration!

These are the two words that sum up my first day at trying to get started on Module 1! Didn’t really know where to start and ended up like a ‘petulant child’, as my husband put it. Spent ages trying to work out what type of ‘learning style’ I have. Decided (after lots of deliberation and angst), I am none and all of them. Anyway, went back to hand-book, and looked at Andesola and Helen’s blogs – one step at a time! So put some study times in my calendar and started to think about my CV. Emailed ISTD to make enquiries about Credit Levels. Now writing blog and going to start reflective journal later. Hope this is ok??! I have learned that I  clearly need to be far more organised when planning study time. Today got taken up with work tasks, washing and fussing! Even trying to blog whilst cooking dinner. Also need to get laptop seen to, as got pop ups everywhere.  Not sure if I have achieved anything or not.


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